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01. Political Campaign

Community Involvement and Social Responsibility

Clayton Pickard is a former member of the navy running for Oklahoma State House of Representative in District 50. He is committed to serving his community and making a positive difference in the lives of his constituents. Clayton offers a range of services to support his political campaign, including campaign strategy, fundraising, and voter outreach. He is also dedicated to promoting community involvement and social responsibility through his platform.

Legislation and Advocacy

Clayton Pickard is committed to advocating for the needs and concerns of his constituents. He is dedicated to passing legislation that will benefit the community and ensure that every voice is heard. Clayton offers a range of legal services to support his advocacy work, including legal research, policy analysis, and lobbying efforts.

Request a Meeting

Clayton Pickard's 48 years of accumulated practice serving in the Navy has given him the skills and experience necessary to serve the people of Oklahoma. Request a meeting with Clayton to discuss how he can best represent your interests in the State House of Representatives.

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